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Fur Box

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One Size H: 40cm, W: 40cm, L: 40cm

Fur B-box is the ultimate luxury and partner to the Fur B-bag. Covered in 100% pure sheep skin, its soft and fluffy wool feels incredible to the touch. Filled with EPS polystyrene beads all seams are double-stiched and it has a durable suede base. Indoor use only.

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One Size H: 40cm, W: 40cm, L: 40cm

Double Stitched


Poly Beads

Sheep Wool


The seams on B-products are double-stitched with a 5’s cotton for extra strength and durability. This makes our products tough enough to withstand the most demanding of loungers.


B-bags are designed to be extremely lightweight. We carefully choose the fabrics and hides for our bean bags not only for their quality but for their strength and portability. So, they're easy to even children to move around room to room, venue to venue.

Polyester Beads

Unsurprisingly, beans play a big part in the comfort of bean bags. B-bags contain direct-filled polystyrene beads that are designed to absorb body heat and move to mould around your shape. This is what gives you extreme comfort and support.

100% Sheep Wool

Fur B-bags are the ultimate in luxury bean bags. Ratcheting up comfort levels with the sumptuous fleece of 100% sheepskin, they have a natural warmth and feel that cannot be imitated.

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