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Ready to top up your polybeads? Follow the simple instructions to get back to optimum comfort. To re-fill the beanbag, on the base of the product there is a zip which you can slide open, you will then be faced with an inverted zip which is for safety, you will feel the zip head through the fabric and you should be able to slide this open to then refill the product.


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One Size


Poly Beads

Made in Britain

Indoors and Outdoors


B-bags are designed to be extremely lightweight. We carefully choose the fabrics and hides for our bean bags not only for their quality but for their strength and portability. So, they're easy to even children to move around room to room, venue to venue.

Polyester Beads

Unsurprisingly, beans play a big part in the comfort of bean bags. B-bags contain direct-filled polystyrene beads that are designed to absorb body heat and move to mould around your shape. This is what gives you extreme comfort and support.

Made in
the UK

Every aspect of our B-products are designed and made in the UK to guarantee material quality and excellent craftsmanship. Based in Yorkshire, Extreme Lounging strongly believe that the best products are British through and through.

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